This is our (Louise & Richard’s) blog about living our “Dream #1“, living and traveling full-time in a 40′ Diesel Pusher.  The Journey began on 9th July, 2014 when we moved into our Motor Home in preparation for an estate sale of all our belongings before we closed on the sale of our house in Metuchen, NJ.

The Characters:

Louise, Richard, Tigger (the 40′ motor home is a Thor Tuscany and has the color scheme of our beloved calico cat of the same name), Snowflake (the white Land Rover for off-road trails) and The Sled (Snowflake’s transportation behind Merlin).

Dream #2 – Designing & Building our house on our land on Anarchist Mountain in British Columbia – if we decide we have had enough of full-timing.

4 Responses to About

  1. Jean Totten says:

    Can I subscribe to your blog?

    • R & L says:

      Yes, I would be honoured. If you go to fullrimervingithhtekings.com on the top right quarter of the page are three fields to enter. Email address, name and interests (in the blog). Then every time we post a new entry you will automatically get it in your email. If you are interested you can also do the same for my photography blog richardkingphoto.com/blog

  2. Jean Totten says:

    You didn’t tell me you had a blog!

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