Our Current Intentions for 2021

Updated 1st April 2021 NO JOKE!!!!

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Recent Photography Blog Post

Finding the Western Screech Owl

Photograph of Western Screetch-Owl Megascops kennicottii from San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area, AZ

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Our New Trailer

Our Present to Tigger.

As you have seen in our photos of TIGGER, we put SNWFLKE on a flat bed trailer, which we call The SLED, to limit the wear and tear on our Land Rover. After 7 years of pulling The SLED (both Merlin and Tigger) with some 87,000 miles, we decided to make life a little easier for Tigger (and definitely us!) and bought an aluminium trailer by ALUMA which is much lighter (some 1,500 lbs).

Of course the change had nothing to do with the fact that the two ramps that SNWFLKE used to get up on the trailer weighed about 40 pounds each. Funny how 40 pounds seems much heavier now than it used to. The new trailer tips at the back so that SNWFLKE can drive right on and then settles back to level. We know TIGGER will appreciate this when we are next climbing mountains. And for us no more Heavy Lifting!

Louise makes it tilt
Louise drives on
Release the lock, ready for straps!

And that is all there is to it! Going to need a new picture for the Header now!

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Our Plan until the end of 2020

We have now a good understanding of what is achievable for the rest of this disrupted year.

We believe this will keep us safe and well, but we can only hope.

We trust you are all keeping safe and healthy as COVID-19 appears to be rearing it’s ugly head again across the World.

We also still have Alaska in our sights for 2021 – keeping our fingers crossed.

Here is a link to our plan https://fulltimervingwiththekings.com/2020-destinations/

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Dignity of Earth and Sky

Dignity of Earth and Sky is a soaring and breathtaking sculpture created by South Dakota artist Dale Claude Lamphere. It is situated on a bluff overlooking the Missouri River at the Visitor Center near Chamberlain, South Dakota.

With his innovative use of materials and technologies combined with his interdisciplinary approach, the artist has used hundreds of pieces of stainless steel to create synergy of art, engineering and sense of place.

This statue of a Native American woman stands 50 feet high and is 32 feet wide and 16 feet deep.

She is holding a Star Quilt, by David Claymore, of 128 diamond shapes in the colors of the water and the sky that surround her. The diamonds move in the winds like an Aspen leaf.

Dignity honors the Native Nations of the Great plains – the Lakota and Dakota people.

“My intent is for the sculpture to stand as an enduring symbol of our sacred belief that all here are sacred and in a sacred place.” – D C Lamphere

Dignity was gifted to the State of South Dakota in 2014 in honor of South Dakota’s 125th state anniversary and erected September 2016.

South Dakota’s native cultures are alive, standing with dignity.

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