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Translated from the German means Stumbling Stone. The COVID delayed Paris to Prague River Cruise with Viking eventually happened. On a guided tour of Bamberg in Germany the guide pointed out these Stolpersteins. I must confess the concept of the … Continue reading

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Shetland Ponies

The Shetland Islands are the most northerly part of Scotland, and the windiest. The Shetland pony originated in the Shetland Islands and has lived there for more than 4000 years. They are the smallest of the pony breeds found in … Continue reading

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Cake Fridges and Honesty Boxes in Shetland

Honesty boxes have been used in a wide range of situations for many years, in various countries around the globe. Often found in rural areas, it is a way to sell surplus produce such as eggs, vegetables, fruit, meat and … Continue reading

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Leadfield – It Was then It Wasn’t

Leadfield was a town, deep in the Grapevine Mountains in Death Valley National Park, that was born and went bust within a 12 month period in 1926. Peviously some copper ore and lead ore deposits had been discovered here, claims … Continue reading

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Can you spot the Differences?

This is our current rig set. How does it compare to the previous, familiar rig? Yes, we know they are facing in different directions. We know one is in fertile Florida green land and the other in Arizona Desert. But … Continue reading

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