Heading North Now

Having slowly moved North from Southern California, through the coastal rain forests of Oregon and Washington (in order to let the sub-zero daily high temperatures in the Yukon Territory warm up), we spent over a week in Chilliwack, British Columbia as our sort of base camp.  Here we made sure we had a clean Tigger and Snowflake with all the essential fluids topped up.  We happily discovered the magic of Mothers Metal Polish for Mag Wheels (Tigger has one gleaming front wheel!) and made a few minor repairs to Tigger.

We had also heard from a neighbour, who made the Alaska trip last year, that although he only had two chips in his windscreen (one from a 5th wheel that went flying past him) the front of his tow car got peppered.  True his car was towed on the ground and Snowflake is on the Sled, but, for insurance, we managed to find somewhere to fabricate an marine aluminium guard attached to the front of the Sled, so (touch wood, ouch I got a splinter from my head) Snowflake should emerge unpeppered!

So yesterday we left Chilliwack heading for Cache Creek.

We stopped for lunch at a pullout with a spectacular view and beautiful puffies.

Lunch 7 Apr

As we headed towards Cache Creek, Louise studying “Milepost” (kindly donated with many other useful tomes) to say that there wasn’t much to say about Cache Creek, but about half an hour short there was this “Log Cabin Pub”.  The trees for the logs were individually selected and many were over 50′ long, which is most unusual.  So we pulled in to see what it was like.

Log Cabin Pub, Spences Bridge, BC

Log Cabin Pub, Spences Bridge, BC

We liked what we saw, we were welcome to boondock in the car park – so we “outspanned” and enjoyed a couple of cool pints of Ricard’s Red.  Then went for a walk along the Thompson River to a local waterfall, got a little sunburn, returned for some more pints and some really good fish & chips!

Interior Log Cabin Pub, Spences Bridge, BC

Interior Log Cabin Pub, Spences Bridge, BC

Collection of Motorcycle models (central one with large white tyres the original Harley Davidson! Log Cabin Pub, Spences Bridge, BC

Collection of Motorcycle models (central one with large white tyres the original Harley Davidson! Log Cabin Pub, Spences Bridge, BC

Then had a peaceful night, apart from the trains hooting at the local level crossing, at the “camping” spot of our choice – the real freedom of the road our Alaska trip is based on!

Today we headed for Prince George, the largest city in Northern British Columbia (but it has a Costco!).

The drive through Fraser Canyon was just sublime.  Some mountains had snow caps, spring had arrived just about everywhere so the deciduous trees were wearing that bright “new shoots” green, the sun was out and hot, the sky was blue with nice puffies and Tigger was just purrrrring………

We stopped at on overlook on the Fraser River showing some railway tunnels and of course the odd mile or so of goods train passing through.


Good train along the Fraser River

Good train along the Fraser River

Then for lunch at Wilson Lake.

Panorama from Wilson lake

Panorama from Wilson lake

Now we rest in a good campground, Blue Cypress, for two nights so that we can check out the area tomorrow.

Gear: iPhone 6

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7 Responses to Heading North Now

  1. Janet says:

    Hi R and L!
    We are going to our Lake Blue Cypress on the 23rd and should see plenty of baby osprey. Have you seen steam engines on your trip? Trains are wonderful to watch, the steam is even better. As always, your pictures are stunning…!
    See you soon!
    Janet and Randy

    • R & L says:

      We just loved Lake Blue Cypress. We had a 2 hour boat tour and saw so many nests with Osprey sitting. The trees edging into the lake were just magnificent. Enjoy!
      No haven’t seen any steam yet and yes, they are wonderful and the smell reminds me of childhood. Plenty of Diesel Goods Trains though.
      Thanks for your kind words
      Looking forward to seeing you guys in the not too distant future.
      Richard & Louise

  2. R & L says:

    Thank you everyone for your comments. It is always great to hear from you. We will try and be more diligent with our blogs – although we are dependent on wi-fi and have been boon docking the past few days. Love from us both

  3. Margaret Riley says:

    Sigh….gorgeous photos! Enjoyed the write up, too! Safe travels!

  4. Lindsay and Gord says:

    Love this entry and know we will enjoy your adventures in the next few months, will get Gord set up to see these himself !
    It is so neat to find these places like the Log Cabin Pub.
    Enjoy yourselves.

  5. Nancy Mossip says:

    Beautiful. Hello from Ottawa. Here for a few days and then flying to Iqaluit to sit for a week. Unseasonably cold in this part of Canada. It’s sunny this morning and I’m off for a walk along the river/canal. Saw a lovely ballet last night at the NAC done by the National Ballet. Thinking of you in one of your old “home towns” Louise. Love to you both. Nancy

  6. Marj Olsson says:

    Another visually and verbally descriptive account…much enjoyed. You two are so good at getting the maximum experience out of every mile of your journies. The log cabin pub looks friendly and who could refuse a Rickards Red?
    The west coast and North are ‘awesome’ in the full sense of the word, and it is impossible not to feel the power and beauty of the trees, and to feel deep loss for the fires and blight that have taken their toll in places.
    Carry on enjoying the unrolling of spring- and putting your woollies on standby for your trek north.
    Best to you both
    ?Marj ( and Klas)

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