At Last we have started our travels – worry free!

Yes we have said goodbye to Merlin.  Merlin had suffered previous trauma that had not been mentioned to us and had not been properly repaired.  So we now live in “Tigger” a 2105 Thor Tuscany 40DX!

When we travel we no longer worry about what will fail next.  When we camp and “out-span” we no longer worry “will the slide-outs come back in?”!

We were very sorry to say good-bye to Merlin, but life is so much more relaxed in Tigger.  We like to name our vehicles, so we did not like anything that fitted with Thor (as Merlin did with Camelot) or Tuscany, so given the color scheme it seemed very appropriate to name our new home Tigger after our calico cat (tortoiseshell in UK) who just loved to travel with us but sadly old age beat her and we left her in Naples last March.

We are back enjoying Naples for January.

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