Celebrating 6 Wonderful Years of Fulltiming

Our wonderful home Tigger

It is so hard to believe that we have been living this dream for 6 years now. And what adventures we have had.

Just for fun, we have tallied up what we have been doing:

  • 81,016 miles in the RVs and the Sled (our flat bed trailer) has followed behind
  • 12,823 Gallons of Diesel
  • 71,909 miles in our Land Rover Snowflake
  • 3,478 Gallons of Petrol

Places visited only count if we have stayed overnight in the motorhome:

  • 11 Provinces/Territories
  • 45 States out of the lower 48 and Alaska
  • 274 Campground stays (including multiple separate stays at some; does not include stays at RV Service shops, or with friends and family)
  • 38 Walmart stays (great and safe way to break up a long drive)
  • 67 National Parks (NPS)
  • 10 Parks Canada Parks
  • about 30 State Parks as well as county parks.

Places we love and have/will return to:

Banff NP (Lake Louise); Jasper NP; Churchill, Manitoba; Gaspé Peninsula, QC; Cape Breton, Kouchibouguac NP, NB; Newfoundland; Osoyoos and the Okanagan, BC.

Alaska; Oregon Coast; Washington Coast, The Palouse, WA; Death Valley NP, Yosemite NP, CA; Yellowstone NP, Grand Teton NP, WY; Bozeman, MT; Southwest Idaho; Custer City and Park, SD; The Great Salt Lake, UT; The Grand Canyon NP (north & south rim), Monument Valley, Patagonia Lake State Park, Tucson, Whitewater Draw, Benson Area, AZ; Fort De Soto County Park, Everglades NP, the Florida Keys, FL; Great Smoky Mountains NP, TN and NC.

Sunrise Panorama at Zabriskie Point Death Valley National Park

A few places we didn’t stay or will not return to:

Canada Glacier Park, BC; Northwest Territories; Vancouver Island, BC; New Orleans, LA; South Padre Island, TX.

We love finding “new-to-us” bird species – like the Elegant Trogan or finding adult wildlife with their young (they’re all cute!) – like Bison red dogs. Mother Nature continually astounds us with birds in their breeding plumage or the protective behaviors of wildlife.

Of course we love taking Tigger to see family and friends in Ontario, Alberta, Quebec, Florida and New Jersey. And we have had many wonderful trips to see family and friends in the UK. We even squeezed in a visit to Italy.

When we began this we talked about being nomads for 10 years and then reassessing – and we are still saying that – another 10 years and then we will reassess.

Our traveling companions:


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9 Responses to Celebrating 6 Wonderful Years of Fulltiming

  1. Loved reading this summary from your past 6 years of Fulltime RV life. Be safe, dear friends!

  2. Donna L Boyer says:

    Those are some truly amazing stats! Good to see you both are in good health, doing so well and enjoying life despite all of the challenges we’re all facing. I to throw in the towel and cancel my long anticipated River Cruise of Eastern Europe and now just hoping that my scheduled trip to Greece, Sicily, Cyprus, Egypt, Israel, Turkey and Italy will still be possible next November. Travel is a wonderful gift that we can give ourselves and I’m still hoping that this will be possible sooner rather than later! Keep having those wonderful adventures and keep those of us who must stay in place for the time being something to look forward to!

  3. Godfried Schwering says:

    Louise and Richard, glad that you are still enjoying. It was fun to catch up this past winter when you were in Florida. Looking forward to the next time when our paths cross.
    Fred & Barb

  4. Judy Kelley says:

    It seems like just the other day the two of you were talking about what your vision was for this great adventure and now you have been living it for 6 years.
    “Life only gives me time and space, it’s up to me to fill it.”
    That you have been doing in spades.
    Well done Louise and Richard,

  5. james morrison says:

    I guess you’re saving the best, New England, for last? 😉
    Glad to hear things are well and the wheels are still on the road!
    We’re in lockdown in Melbourne for the second time (although we never left the first one), enjoy your freedom and stay well.
    Love the Morrisons

  6. Bruce says:

    It has been such a privilege and so inspiring to follow your journeys, look at the fabulous photos, and see the pleasure you both get out of this lifestyle. I’m hoping you can indeed keep in travelling for another 10 years. Keep safe and keep well.

  7. Dennis Weingarten says:

    Loved all the beautiful pictures and list of places you’ve been.
    Odometers make it easy but… How did you keep track of all those diesel and petrol statistics? I’m happy that I remember my name and where I live.
    Here’s to more miles and adventures.

  8. Lindsay and Gord says:

    Amazing ! so glad you are still enjoying it.

  9. Jerry and Marlene says:

    Richard and Louise,
    It looks like you two have had a great experience in the six years. Time flies when you are having fun. Hopefully both of you are in good health. We are contending with the virus as best as we can. Marlene has been out twice in 3 months. I do not let the pandemic alter my routine, I just try to follow safety rules.
    Thank you for the updates.
    Continue having fun and keep safe.
    Jerry and Marlene

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