Maritime Cultural Quirks

While Richard is busy with his beautiful photography, I look around for interesting “quirks and quarks” of local culture. Newfoundland and New Brunswick did not disappoint.

First were the many, many piles of firewood. Some like works of art forming walls or fences near private homes. Others within sight of the highways, having been cut in the woods and brought out by sled to age/dry for at least a year before being ready to use. (See previous blog)

Then we started noticing large wooden or metal boxes at the end of private driveways near the road. What could they be for, we wondered.

Many were octagonal in shape Others were a variety of shapes paint work and decorations
A few metal ones had been fashioned from old household oil tanks and other objects as a way of recycling metal
Some were beautifully color coordinated with the house and its various outer buildings and stages
The level of detail on some was quite extraordinary Even curtains on the windows
Some imitating the Jelly Bean houses of St Johns NFLD
Wonder if this one helps the children learn to put things away
Some brought back memories of a favorite product
Some resembled local landmarks

All this to provide a safe place for residential garbage to prevent wildlife, birds or even stray dogs from creating a mess. And the local waste collectors/recyclers leave the lid up to let the home owners know they have been by to collect. Certainly much better looking than the alternative.

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One Response to Maritime Cultural Quirks

  1. Mary Davis says:

    Why can’t we have garbage bins like these?! Ours are the ugliest on the planet!
    Mary – from downtown Toronto (home of the Ugliest Garbage Bins).

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