Simply The Best Seafood Tacos

This is our Go-To Seafood Taco Restaurant.  It is TJ’s Oyster Bar in Bonita, Southern California.  It is a tiny “Hole in the Wall” Restaurant with a few tables and seats at the counter, but it is always busy!

TJ’s Oyster Bar Shopfront

Interior shot of TJ’s Oyster Bar

Interior of TJ’s Oyster Bar

In fact the Zagat sent out a post on the top 15 Taco Restaurants in the USA – it was on their list!

Everything is divine.  We enjoy the broth with seafood (really seafood with broth – see below), their smoked tuna (with cheese) tacos and burritos are fantastic and their Seafood Burrito is my personal favorite.

Broth with Seafood and Seafood Burrito

Smoked Tuna Burrito

We visit when we are staying in the Pio Pico Thousand Trails campground in Jamul, but Zagat list it as San Diego.  So if you are in that vicinity treat yourself to an exquisite meal at extremely reasonable prices.

Menu and Price List

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2 Responses to Simply The Best Seafood Tacos

  1. Nancy Mossip says:

    Wow looks fantastic!!! I’ve been treating myself to great seafood in Vancouver. There is a place near me called Rodney’s Oyster House(used to be connected to the one by the same name in Toronto but no longer is). They have 1.50 oysters from 3 to 6 and they are delicious. They also have a scallop dish that has a very thin potato coating. So good. One block away from me in Yaletown. I’ve been 3 times and took Brendan and Stacey. Enjoy your journey….and your food adventures. N

  2. Kato says:

    Like that you showed the Menu Board. Looks delicious!

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