Cake Fridges and Honesty Boxes in Shetland

Honesty boxes have been used in a wide range of situations for many years, in various countries around the globe. Often found in rural areas, it is a way to sell surplus produce such as eggs, vegetables, fruit, meat and more. It relies on the fact that most people behave honestly and, in fact, some show their appreciation by leaving tips and posting reviews.

In 2012 a new twist appeared from Hayfield Croft Produce in Bixter, Shetland called “The Cake Fridge”, which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Multiple fridges are stocked daily with handmade cakes and bake goods. There is also a savoury and dessert fridge, a craft and gift area, alongside local seasonal produce and preserves. This has become so successful that in 2019 they opened a lovely tea room on the site, where you can enjoy homemade soup, sandwiches, coffee/tea and cakes. And those of you who are fans of the TV series “Shetland” will know that Jimmy Perez and Tosh stopped there for a snack.

The Original Cake Fridge is at East Burrafirth, Bixter, Mainland Shetland on the Voe to Aith Road.

Many of the Shetland Cake Fridges and Honesty Boxes are decorated in an eye-catching way on the roadside. Some have detailed information on Facebook (FB), so you can know what you might find before you visit.

Marina’s Kitchen Cabinet – Lochside, Papil, Burra, Mainland Shetland

Soap and Sweet near Hillswick, Mainland Shetland

Something Sweet – 106 St. Olaf Street in Lerwick

Yum Yum Cake Fridge – Brae – opposite the Brae Boating Club, Mainland Shetland

The homemade ice cream was delicious with real Cadbury Flake.

Picnic Press – near Levenwick, Mainland Shetland

Le Petit Cafe – Chez Simone – near Skaw on Unst, Shetland

Now we will be on the lookout for similar roadside delicacies everywhere we travel. Let us know what you find too.

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3 Responses to Cake Fridges and Honesty Boxes in Shetland

  1. Joyce Barbour says:

    Looks like absolute joy! And fun in the middle of a travel day. Hope you are both doing well and continuing to enjoy you touring.

  2. Dennis S Weingarten says:

    Love this post. What a marvelous adventure and experience of a way of life that is rarely found today. Heartwarming that some traditions still live on.
    Thank you for sharing. Miss you.

  3. Judy Kelley says:

    What a great concept Louise. I can imagine myself hiking or boating and coming across a structure like this. Treat time! Another fun adventure you and Richard are enjoying.

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