We Are Keeping Safe – Are You?

Due to the shut downs resulting from the Global Pandemic of COVID-19 we are keeping ourselves in Arizona. We do move north of Tucson into the mountains in the hope it will stay a little cooler than in the Tucson area. We also feel that our lifestyle as full-timers helps us to be safer.

This is a great demonstration that plans are nothing but current intentions and not a series of activities set in concrete (unless you are building a river dam!).

Our current adjusted intentions are on the page 2020 Destinations.

Ince it is safe to move about the USA we will create a new set of intentions and let you know.

We both hope you too are behaving sensibly and keeping safe.

Keep well, Richard & Louise

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One Response to We Are Keeping Safe – Are You?

  1. Godfried Schwering says:

    Barb and I are glad that you folks are safe. We have been back in Calgary for the last month, self isolating and connecting with family using video chat.

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