Our New Trailer

Our Present to Tigger.

As you have seen in our photos of TIGGER, we put SNWFLKE on a flat bed trailer, which we call The SLED, to limit the wear and tear on our Land Rover. After 7 years of pulling The SLED (both Merlin and Tigger) with some 87,000 miles, we decided to make life a little easier for Tigger (and definitely us!) and bought an aluminium trailer by ALUMA which is much lighter (some 1,500 lbs).

Of course the change had nothing to do with the fact that the two ramps that SNWFLKE used to get up on the trailer weighed about 40 pounds each. Funny how 40 pounds seems much heavier now than it used to. The new trailer tips at the back so that SNWFLKE can drive right on and then settles back to level. We know TIGGER will appreciate this when we are next climbing mountains. And for us no more Heavy Lifting!

Louise makes it tilt
Louise drives on
Release the lock ready for straps

And that is all there is to it! Going to need a new picture for the Header now!

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One Response to Our New Trailer

  1. Joyce Barbour says:

    Fancy dancy!! Easy Peasy! Getting soft!!
    Continue enjoying, love the picture of the owl hiding away (I guess owls are almost always hiding away….during the day time!)

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