Our Plan until the end of 2020

We have now a good understanding of what is achievable for the rest of this disrupted year.

We believe this will keep us safe and well, but we can only hope.

We trust you are all keeping safe and healthy as COVID-19 appears to be rearing it’s ugly head again across the World.

We also still have Alaska in our sights for 2021 – keeping our fingers crossed.

Here is a link to our plan https://fulltimervingwiththekings.com/2020-destinations/

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2 Responses to Our Plan until the end of 2020

  1. Michelle Mueller says:

    hello Richard and Louise,

    I’m hopeful that we will cross paths during your time in Kalispell.
    Give me a call so we can get together.

    Michelle Mueller

  2. Fred Schwering says:

    Safe travels Richard and Louise. Hope that our paths cross in 2021. Maybe on your way to/from Alaska you will come through Alberta. We would love to see you in Calgary.

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