Exiting “The Cone of Silence”

Why have we been so quiet for so long?

Well there are several reasons:

We spent a   l o n g   time at Alliance Coach, where we bought Tigger, waiting for warranty work to be successfully completed (another long story in itself about Thor!).

We then spent seven weeks on our European trip (yes much longer than usual – but it did give Alliance and Thor time to complete the warranty work). When in Europe we don’t pay for roaming fees, especially data! So no Blogging.

Our European trip comprised a visit with friends at their Agri-Tourisme in Umbria, another friend whom we took on holiday from Rome to Calabria and four weeks with Mum in England where we spent a week in Northumbria National Park and another week in The Yorkshire Moors National Park. Again more about each later, even though it may be considered off-topic for Full-time RVing!

On our return we rapidly checked out the work on Tigger so that we could escape the blistering heat and humidity of central Florida (note the new header image of the full Rig with Louise). We made a quick journey to New Jersey for a better climate, yes what were we thinking having lived there for 14 years?  We should have known better! Yet another post we owe you.

Then on to several locations in Canada to visit with family and friends before our adventure takes us West for several years. Even more posts to come covering these fun visits. Again we resisted roaming fees while in Canada. So no Blogging.

Leaving Canada we went to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, knowing that we would be back in the USA and fully able to communicate! Not! Where we were, the campsite was using carrier pigeons to deliver emails, and AT&T had no coverage – phones and hot spot!

AT LAST! We are in a wonderful location with campground wi-fi and full AT&T coverage – Hoorah! So we are posting this to let you know that we are alive and well and will be bombarding you with blog posts over the next few weeks while we get into the habit of doing it regularly.



Best Wishes to you all from Louise and Richard

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3 Responses to Exiting “The Cone of Silence”

  1. Frank and Jo Fleischman says:

    Looking forward to hearing more about your travels.

  2. Shauna Comfort says:

    Love the new photos….and the license plate!

  3. Sharon Platts says:

    Sorry we did not get to see you when you were in Ottawa. Enjoy your posts and look forward to reading of your travels.

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