Local Wildlife Excitement

So, we are back at Alliance Coach in Wildwood, FL where we bought Tigger last November. We are here to get Tigger’s “snagging list” done – as usual with any new “house”.  When the coach is in the repair shop during the day what do we do?

Early in our stay one of the Managers told us that there was an “interesting pair of ducks on the new pond we cleared out last week”. So I immediately assembled my camera, tripod and gimbal head, Louise grabbed her spotter’s bins and we walked round.

Well, a pair of Mallards (Anas platyrhynchos) not too exciting, but wait, there are several Killdeer (Caradrius vociferus) on the grass, flying around with their loud calls – not bad! Click Click.

Then wait!  Those don’t really look like Yellowlegs – they are Solitary Sandpipers (Tringa solitaria).  A rare sighting of a bird that is usually by itself and we have FOUR! Rapid Fire On!

Every day more species visit.  But three days ago we spotted the little Killdeer chicks racing around. As Killdeer are ground nesting birds the chicks are running around but they don’t have their wings developed yet.

Killdeer (Charadrius vociferos) chicks out of the nest

Killdeer (Charadrius vociferos) chicks out of the nest

So when danger arrives, in this case in the shape of a three legged beast with a D4s and 600mm lens attached, the adult calls the chicks and one by one they sneak in under the adult who then lowers herself onto the chicks on Security Detail.

Killdeer (Charadrius vociferos) chicks and adult

Killdeer (Charadrius vociferos) chicks and adult


Adult Killdeer (Charadrius vociferous) sheltering four chicks underneath her.


When the threat is no more then the adult moves away from the chicks and the chicks resume their running about – and can they move!

Four Killdeer (Charadrius vociferous) chicks

Four Killdeer (Charadrius vociferous) chicks

Four Killdeer (Charadrius vociferous) chicks

Four Killdeer (Charadrius vociferous) chicks

See how they bob and run!

Gear: Nikon D4S, Nikkor 600mm f/4 VRII, Nikkor TC-17 EII, TC-20 EIII,RRS Tripod and Gimbal Head, Lexar professional Film, Sony XQD professional film for the video.

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2 Responses to Local Wildlife Excitement

  1. Bruce KAY says:

    Such a lovely story. Those Killdeer chicks our so cute. Hope Tigger gets a clean bill of health, and she is ready for lots of new adventures.
    Happy birthday Louise. Have a happy healthy year ahead. Love from Rita and me.

  2. Judy Kelley says:

    Hi Louise and Richard,
    Sounds and looks as if life is still peaceful!
    Enjoy the moments,

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